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Misha Collins on a duck.





I like this because of reasons.

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AU Meme: Cockles AU where Misha owns a successful software company and starts dating his college intern, Jensen.

Jensen’s internship is coming to an end with graduation right around the corner, and now he has to choose between going back home to Texas or staying and building a life in Chicago, all for one man.

  • Interviewer: In real life: Friendship or Brothers??
  • Jensen: That’s almost impossible to explain. Nine months a year we’re stuck with each other literally twenty four hours a day seven days a week because we’re working on the show. Even doing stuff for ourselves in between isn’t possible. We’re constantly together. And even when we’re not actually working together during that nine months, or the other three months out of the year for that matter, we always find ourselves choosing to hang out and be together.
  • Jared: We even lived with each other!
  • Jensen: We did.
  • Jared: We were in each other’s weddings!
  • Jensen: We were.
  • Jared: And when we leave Canada for break we’re combining our family’s to do Christmas together in Texas this year!
  • Jensen: We will.
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Fan asks Misha and Jensen for personalized alarm clock [x]
Misha: So you want something to wake up to, to start your day off in the right mood, right?
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Jensen’s Starstruck moment, from NashCon 2012 

Jensen: You guys know who Sofia Vergara is yes? Sofia Vergara from Modern Family. Well she, we were, I was forced to go, um, shopping with Danneel and we were at the department store in the shoe section and of course I’m just sit; she gets to the shoe section and I immediately just sit down and find a magazine. Umm, except I didn’t need to find a magazine this time because I looked across the room and there was Sofia Vergara.

I was just like “Dee, Dee, Dee”, and she said “What, what?” I’m like *points and laughs* And then, and then it got worse because she walked out, she walked out of the, that section into another and I just kinda stood up and Danneel was like picking up a shoe and she just looks at me and see’s her walk away and is like “Go on”, and I was like “Thanks”.

And then I went stalking this poor woman around the department store. Such a nerd.


basically i slowed the video down so i could get a screenshot of sam’s sturgeon face and then i forgot it was on it and rewound & played and this happened

so i present to you: drunk sam & dean

Just wanted to put this out lol



Sam Winchester VS The Leviathans

Sam Winchester VS The Clowns


Dean Winchester vs The Leviathans

Dean Winchester vs The Plane


Castiel vs anything:

Castiel vs Women